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Best one is known from dedication, honesty, experience and commitment. Access The Asia leaves no space on becoming the best. Adhering the slogan of "visitors are god", the dedicated team member here with us has that eye of a tiger to serve a fullest hospitality for customers. Even our team has a wide breadth of experience, we will supplement this with additional expertise and capacity when required and frequently work with other consultancies. We have developed a close working relationship with professionals in parallel disciplines, including architects, conservation planners, interpreters, and economic analysts. We also regularly commission visitor surveys, focus groups and other targeted research from teams who work to our brief. Officially registered with the government of Nepal we are legally authorised to act. Founded in 2015 we offer a wealth of specialist experience in tourism, with clients ranging from international bodies and national and local government to tourism enterprises, heritage and environmental agencies and local communities. Our mission is to combine innovative ideas and realistic solutions, with the principles of sustainable tourism at their heart. We have developed close contacts with the tourism industry and with colleague consultants and professionals in many countries.

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"We feel proud in your feeling of achievement "