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           Among various interest of people, rock climbing can also be the one. If you are fond of rock climbing then Nepal can be your choice to climb a natural rock formation. It is really challenging to reach the summit of rock formation in Nepal as it requires endurance, perspiration, agility and mental and physical balance. There are many places that is need to be discovered for rock climbing. Among known one the most popular 5 rock climbing places are as follows : Najarjun : It is near to the capital Kathmandu. It is situated inside the Najarjun forest. The highest pitch here is about 20 meters. You can perform various types of climbing like chimney climbs, overhangs, bouldering and many more.   Hattiban: It is also near to capital Katmandu.It is really a challenging rock climbing. There are 8 routes of varying difficulty. Kakani : It is also...

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