Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek-28 Days

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Kanchenjunga circuit trek takes us to the world's third highest mountain. Kanchenjunga Circuit trekking trail is one of the finest trekking routes in Nepal. Feel free to contact us for Kanchenjunga trekking cost, trekking permits, custom itinerary and maps.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek-28 Days

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek-28 Days Trip Highlights

  • 3rd  highest mountain in the world
  • Off the beaten trek
  • Experience the glacier walk rather than normal walk
  • Mesmerizing view of native vegetation,alpine pass,high mountains and glaciers
  • Scenic view of different flora and fauna
  • Get close to ethnic community and their lifestyle
Experience amazing adventure

Trip Description

Kanchenjunga trekking trail is one of the finest trekking routes in Nepal. This remote mountain trail in the eastern part of Himalayas is best suited for trekkers and nature lovers who love peace and desolation.Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 28,169 feet (8586meters) from sea level. Located in the far eastern region of Nepal and extending to the border of Sikkim Kanchenjunga is the part of “The Great Himalaya Range”. The name Kanchenjunga is derived from the Tibetan word “Kang-Chen-Zod-Nga” meaning “The five Treasures of Snow” and in fact the mountain consists of five separate peaks. Kanchenjunga trekking route can be used from Sikkim side too. The peak is considered holy by the people of Sikkim and climbers have always stopped just short of the summit out of respect for the mountain.

 Kanchenjunga circuit trek offers great landscape and infinite variety of flora and fauna and spectacular panoramic view of Himalayas. Most of the part of Kanchenjunga is covered and protected under Kanchenjunga National Park also called Kanchenjunga Conservation Area and is full of exceptional natural, ethnic and cultural diversity. Kanchenjunga circuit trek offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Himalaya and trekking does not get any better than this. You can experience an excellent opportunity to observe the real Nepali lifestyle and be the part of it. You will find villages along the routes full of life and varied from the inhabitants of Limbu and Rai peoples for most of the lower hilly regions and valleys and Sherpas of the higher altitudes regions.

Kanchenjunga circuit trek is graded as challenging trek because of its remoteness and altitude. With very few trekkers and climbers on the route, you are assured a genuine experience in these beautiful, wild borderlands. Participants should be physically fit enough to walk for at least 6-7 hours a day. The route is less crowded and you will see fewer trekkers. We recommend all the visitors to take this amazing trek and get close to the natural mystery of Kanchenjunga with a well-trained guide, taking solo trek is not recommended.

You can find permits and fees details in Kanchenjunga Circuit trek permits and fees section.

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek-28 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Katmandu 0/N at a hotel.

Day 2: Sightseeing Kathmandu Valley and trip discussion 0/N at a hotel.

Day 3: Fly to Bhadrapur and drive to Illam(3-4 hours) sightseeing Fickle and Kanyam 0/N at a hotel.

Day 4: Drive from Illam to Taplejung(1820m) (5-6 hours) 0/N at a hotel.

Day 5: Taplejung to Mitlung(921m) (3-4 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 6: Mitlung to Chiruwa(1270m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 7: Chiruwa to Japani Tar(1585m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 8: Japani Tar to Amjilosa(2385m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 9: Amjilosa to Gyabla(2780m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 10: Gyabla to Ghunsa(3427m) (4-5 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 11: Ghunsa to Khangpachen(4050m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 12: Khangpachen to Jannu Himal base camp sightseeing back to Khangpachen 0/N at a hotel(5-6 hours up/down).

Day 13: Khangpachen to Lhonak(4780m)( 4-5 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 14: Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp(5143m) sightseeing back to Lhonak (7-8 hours up/down) 0/N at a hotel.

Day 15: Back to Ghunsa (3427m) (7-8 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 16: Ghunsa to Selele La base camp(4480m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 17: Cross Selele La (4880m), Sinion La(4646m),Sinelapche Bhanjyang(4464m) pass to  Tseram (7-8 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 18: Tseram to Ramche(4580m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 19: Ramche to sightseeing Oktang(4730m) lunch at Ramche and 3-4 hours back to Tseram 0/N at a hotel.

Day 20: Tseram to Tortong(2985m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 21: Tortong to Yamphudin(2080m) (6-7 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 22: Yamphudin to Phumphe Danda(1858m) (6-7 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 23: Phumphe Danda to Kande Bhanjyang(2129m) (6-7 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 24: Kande Bhanjyang to Lali Kharka(2265m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 25: Lali Kharka to Suketar(242om) (4-5 hours) walk 0/N at a hotel.

Day 26: Fly from Suketar to Kathmandu 0/N at a hotel.

Day 27: Leisure day and farewell dinner with the crew.

Day 28: Fly Back home.

Day 1: Arrive at Katmandu 0/N at hotel

Upon arrival in Kathmandu International Airport you will be welcomed by our Representative with “Access the Asia” placard and then we will be escorted to Hotel with Bed and Breakfast plan.

Day 2: Sightseeing Kathmandu Valley and trip discussion 0/N at hotel

On this day, cultural city guide will meet you at hotel and he/she will guide you around the Kathmandu valley and you will visit UNESCO world heritage sites Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa and other cultural and traditional areas nearby these areas. After completion of city tour we will return back to office and meet the team and other participant members and discuss over the trip and  we will give you a briefing about  tour and we will make sure your all the equipments are ready and in fine condition.

Day 3: Fly to Bhadrapur and drive to Illam(3-4 hours) sightseeing Fickle and Kanyam 0/N at hotel

This is the day where our trekking officially begins. After our early morning breakfast, we will drive to Tribhuvan International Airport’s Domestic terminal and take our flight to Bhadrapur, Jhapa. Then we will drive to Illam. Reaching Illam we check in at hotel take rest and then visit Fickle and Kanyam for sightseeing. Kamyam and Fickle are very famous for tea gardens. Located at 6000 feet above the sea level the distance view of mountains and scenic view of valleys and rivers below are eye capturing. Overnight at hotel

Day 4: Drive from Illam to Taplejung(1820m) (5-6 hours) 0/N at lodge

After our breakfast, we head towards Taplejung. We recommend you to take the window seat. You can enjoy the scenic view of green mountains, distance view of snow caped mountains, green valleys and rivers dividing the valleys and running through middle of the valleys. After crossing many small and big rivers, hills, villages and passing many jungles through steep and sharp turns we arrive at Phidim the district headquater of Panchther. After some minutes rest we pass Phidim and continue through steep road to reach Taplejung. Overnight at Taplejung

Day 5: Taplejung to Mitlung(921m) (3-4 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

After our long journey through flight and drive, now it’s time for real trek. We officially kick start the day with downhill hike to Mitlung. The trail leads us to the lower fertile lands of Taplejung passing villages and pasture lands. We hike through gravel roads for about an hour then climb downhill following zigzag path through zigzag path through typical Limbu villages. After crossing Hangdewa River we follow the turbulent Tamor river for about 30 minutes to reach Mitlung. Mitlung is a small village inhabited by different casts and creeds with few lodges, tea houses, local market and camping site on the bank of Tamor River. In the hot days swimming in the Tamor river is best you can do but caution is required.

Day 6: Mitlung to Chiruwa(1270m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

It’s time for another exciting and enchanting journey to Chiruwa. Throughout our trail we are accompanied by cardamom farm and oak and fir trees. We are never far from the Tamor River as we can hear the turbulent and mystique roar of Tamor River splashing and eroding the rocks. After an hour and half walk we reach Sinwa, which is a beautiful village with lots of terrace farming. Sinwa is prosperous village with schools, local market, health posts and police camp etc. We continue our downhill hike to reach Tawa where we’ll have our lunch, after our lunch we march ahead crossing a suspension bridge we move torwards Tiwa enjoying the chirping of birds and scenic view of Green hills and mountains. Tiwa is a small village which contains a lot of Temples which are related to the Kirat religion. After a decent hike we reach Chiruwa. Overnight at Chiruwa

Day 7: Chiruwa to Lelep(1585m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge
Today we will continue our journey to Japani Tar also known as Lelep. Leaving Chiruwa we follow slightly inclined stone paved path. After passing cardamom farm and lushy green forest we reach Tapethok. At Tapethok our guide will complete all the necessary formalities to get us special permit and other paper work. Tapethok is small village consisting Rai and Limbu as the major inhabitants beneath high canopy hills. After registering our special permit in Tapethok we are now officially inside the Kanchenjunga Conservation area. After crossing Tamor River we follow the steep trail at a comfortable pace to reach Lepchung. Which is a junction and it divides the path to Lelep and Japani Tar. After decent ups and downs hike we rach Lelep which lies at the confluence of Tamor and Ghunsa River the village is populated by Sherpas from here the typical Tibetan culture starts. If the weather is clear we can see the distance view of Mount Kumbakarna far north. Overnight at Lelep.

Day 8: Lelep to Amjilosa(2385m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

After crossing suspension bridge at Tamor river near Sekathum we leave the Tamor river and follow the trail along Ghunsa river. Our path gets narrower, as we progress along the bank of Ghunsa River. Huge rocky hills lies above glaring us hanging just above. We enter the dense forrest, steep trail and descend down to river all in all the trek from Lelep to Amjilosa gets tougher. We pass through the bamboo forest along with the aggressive Ghunsa River, the stone structure forming various shapes because of River current erosion. After passing Lamatar we walk through bushy forest for about 20/30 minutes and after crossing Ghunsa River once again through suspension bridge we follow steep trail to reach Amjolosa. The landscape of Amjilosa is amazing the village itself lies beneath the high steep barren mountain lingering above it.

Day 9: Amjilosa to Gyabla(2780m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at  lodge

We leave Amjilosa following zigzag path consisting both ups and downs, passing pine, oka, fir, bamboo and Rhododendron forest and eventually reaching to river bank. After a steep hike for about 45 minutes we hike downhill to reach Thayanyan here we are accompanied by the stunning waterfall that originates from the mountains. After a short uphill walk we reach Gyabla village a beautiful small Tibetan settlement.

Day 10: Gyabla to Ghunsa(3427m) (4-5 hours) walk 0/N at  lodge

After breakfast we leave Gyabla. Gyabla is relatively big village there are old monasteries and chortens and mani walls. Leaving Gyabla we follow the narrow path sandwiched between the high hills above and Ghunsa River beneath. The trail follows through the bushy and light jungle after passing jungle we enter the rocky mountain trail the trail gets thrilling for about 15 minutes as we should be very careful of falling stones from the mountain slopes and the path is very narrow. As we descend down the river slowly the valley in front of us opens us before reaching Phole a small Tibetan refugee settlement. After passing Phole we walk through pine and fir forest to reach Ghunsa village a typical Sherpa village.
Overnight at Ghunsa.

Day 11: Ghunsa to Khangpachen(4050m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

We leave Ghunsa and march ahead further north at comfortable pace along the river over an easy terrain but passing many small and big landslides. We pass through rhododendrons, pine and fir forest and after two hours we enter into the rocky river bed over which Ghunsa Rives flows. After a brief walk we get at the bottom of the waterfall, passing water fall we cross the bridge and steep climb leads us to tricky trail with big section of landslide. Passing landslide opens us with the beautiful view of mount Jannu (7710m) along with many small peaks. Overnight at lodge

Day 12: Rest/Acclimatization Day at Khangpachen

Today is our rest day, which helps participants to accommodate and get acclimatized before moving ahead. Though this day is allocated for rest and acclimatization we hike to Jannu Base camp for sightseeing. After our quick breakfast we hike for sightseeing around Jannu himal base camp. We hike through the glacial trail. We are accompanied by the majestic view of peaks and mountains all around us. After 2-3 hours of walk we reach Jannu mountain base camp. This provides us with the panoramic view of Mt.Jannu (7710m) along with many other unnamed peaks. After spending some time and taking some photographs we return back to Khangpachen and rest for the day. Overnight at lodge

Day 13: Khangpachen to Lhonak(4780m)( 4-5 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

Now it’s time to leave Khangpachen and move ahead towards our nest destination for the day Lhonak. The day is going to be a little challenging. We hike through a rocky trail full of boulder stone worn and eroded by the river. The trail gets narrower as we move along the glacial river bank. After passing a tricky landslide section we come to a frozen waterfall. After crossing waterfall a wide valley opens in front of us which provides us with the beautiful view of Ramthang Chang, Mount Khangpachen and Mount Kanchenjunga. After crossing a bridge near Ramtang monastery our trail gets a bit easier we hike at comfortable pace before descending down to a river and arriving to Lhonak. The valley opens up with the view of Kirat Chuli and Nepal Chuli in the east, Mera peak in the south-west and Laser Peak in the North-west. Overnight at lodge

Day 14: Lhonak to Kanchenjunga base camp(5143m) sightseeing back to Lhonak (7-8 hours up/down) 0/N at lodge.

As we leave Lhonak a majestic view opens in front us surrounded by tall gigantic snowcapped mountains in all direction. Enjoying the picturesque view we follow the glacial trail along the Kanchenjunga glacier. Special care need to be taken as we move ahead as the rocks are slippery and rockier sections are prone to landslides. After 3 to 4 hours undulating through these glacial trails we reach Pangpema (Kanchenjunga Base Camp). The panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga in east, Ramthang Chang in south, Khangpachen in south-east and Dhromo in west standing tall and gigantic hovering high above is just mesmerizing. After sightseeing we return back to Lhonak. Overnight at lodge

Day 15: Back to Ghunsa (3427m) (7-8 hours) walk 0/N at lodge.

After breakfast we retrace our way back to Ghunsa crossing rivers and landslides down the valley.

Day 16: Ghunsa to Selele La base camp (4480m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge.

Our hour and half walk moves through the dense and bushy forest of Moss, Rhododendron and Juniper. Gradually our trail steepens as we move further ahead after an 3-4 hours of descent uphill hike our path becomes a bit comfortable, we can enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga mountain and many distance mountains north as we reach near the Selele La base camp. Overnight at lodge

Day 17: Cross Selele la(4880m) ,Sinion La(4646m),Margin La (4464m) pass to  Tseram (7-8 hours) walk 0/N at lodge.

Today’s hike is going to be a bit challenging as we are about to cross three passes. After our breakfast we are set for arduous walk uphill however we can enjoy the side view of Jannu Himal and Makalu. After crossing Selele La (4880m) we descend down and come across yet another pass Sinion LA (4646m) and Margin La (4464m) after completing these three passes we descend down through steep slope to reach Tseram where we spend our night.

Day 18: Tseram to Ramche(4580m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at Lodge.

After our breakfast we hike along the Simbuwa Khola (River). The first hour walk steepens gradually and the trail passes through meadows and pasturelands where we can see many yaks shed depending upon the season as the yak shed are mobile depending upon the season. As we move further above the valley ascending a ridge we get a tremendous view of Rathong and Koktang. Our trail becomes comfortable thereafter. An easy and descent walk along the Yalung glacier brings us a wide valley Ramche beneath a huge ridge. Overnight at Lodge

Day 19: Ramche to sightseeing Oktang(4730m) lunch at Ramche and 3-4 hours back to Tseram 0/N at Lodge.

We start an early morning hike to Oktang for sightseeing. We visit Oktang Monastery and observe the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt.Kabru, Mt.Oktang, Mt.Jannu, Mt. Rathong and many other peaks. After completing sightseeing we return Ramche for our lunch and after having lunch we descend down to Tseram. Overnight at lodge

Day 20: Tseram to Torongtong(2985m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

The day starts with descent hike downhill through Rhododendron and bamboo forest. Leaving behind the trail that follows through Selele La pass we move downhill along the Simbuwa River. Today’s hike is relatively comfortable we hike at descent comfortable pace enjoying the scenic beauty hills and passing jungles, streams and waterfall.

Day 21: Torongtong to Yamphudin(2080m) (6-7 hours) walk 0/N at  lodge

Once again the challenging day begins. The day starts with a moderate trail for about half an hour after which we cross a small wooden bridge. After crossing a wooden bridge we climb a steep drop for about an hour or two to reach the top of hill and arrive at a brief level ground which leads us to a small section of landslide after crossing this section we hike down to reach Lamite Bhanjyang, passing Lamite Bhanjyang we follow the trail through the forest to reach Yamphudin.

Day 22: Yamphudin to Phumphe Danda(1858m) (6-7 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

The morning trail is easier and very comfortable for about 20 minutes then we enter a thin forest and take a descent inclined route for next hour then the a descent drop leads us to a stream, crossing stream we hike uphill through a bushy forest to reach Ekim. From Ekim our routes gets gentler and a bit comfortable though a slight inclined we hike at a comfortable pace crossing many small hills and seasonal rivers through thin and bushy forest to reach Mamankhe. From Mamankhe we hike downhill after a slight drop once again our trail steepens for about an hour to reach Phumphe Danda. Overnight at lodge

Day 23: Phumphe Danda to Kande Bhanjyang (2129m) (6-7 hours) walks 0/N at lodge

We take a brief steep trail to reach the top of ridge, then descend down at steady trail to reach a big extended village Phunglung full of terrace farming, the trail undulates for more than an hour to reach a long village Khesewa. Our trail ascends steeply thereafter passing through this long village through the terrace farming and through bamboo forest after a descent uphill journey of nearly two hours we reach Kande Bhanjyang. Overnight at lodge

Day 24: Kande Bhanjyang to Lali Kharka(2265m) (5-6 hours) walk 0/N at lodge

Kande Bhanjyang is located at the top of hill with few settlements; after a smooth walk down the hill for about an hour brings us to a village school then the steep drop leads us to a River (Pa River). After Crossing River the hard toil of the day starts our route gradually inclines more and more all the way from bottom of the river. We hike through Simbu village all the way uphill along with many small villages to reach Lali Kharka. Overnight at Lali Kharka

Day 25: Lali Kharka to Suketar (242om) (4-5 hours) walks 0/N at lodge

Today’s trail is going to be rough as we follow the dusty road to Suketar. The zigzag trail is very rough and dusty however we take many shortcuts to avoid the dust through rhododendron forest. After a brief straight path the route takes a slight inclination and the slop increases gradually as we move ahead. After a descent uphill hike we reach Deurali with few shops and tea houses then we descend down to Suketar. Overnight at lodge

Day 26: Fly from Suketar to Kathmandu 0/N at lodge

After our breakfast we check in for our flight back to Kathmandu.

Day 27: Leisure day and farewell dinner with crew

This day can be utilized to do some shopping around the Kathmandu and buy some souvenir if you wish, take bath and rest. In evening we will gather once again for farewell dinner with office representatives. Overnight at hotel

Day 28: Fly Back home

Now it’s time to say good bye. Access the Asia would like to thank you for visiting Nepal and we hope you had a wonderful trek with us. We arrive in Tribhuvan international airport 3 hours before the schedule flight a representative from Access The Asia will accompany you. Good Bye. Have a Safe Journey back home.

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  • Upper Body

    o   Base Layer
    o   Down Jacket
    o   Gilet
    o   Gloves
    o   Hard Shell
    o   Light Insulated Jacket
    o   Mid Layer
    Lower Body

    o   Long Johns
    o   Softshell Trousers
    o   Trekking Trousers
    o   Underwear
    o   Waterproof Trouser
    o   4 season walking boots
    o   Trainers
    o   Trekking Socks
    o   Flip-flops/sandals
    Note: Trainers usually light weight (water proof is more convenient as you may be walking through streams and wet landscapes and there is always possibilities of rain) and spare laces just in case.


    o   Personal Medication
    o   Personal First Aid Ki

    Water & Hygiene 

    o   Hand sanitizer
    o   Mosquito/Insect Repellent
    o   Nappy Bags
    o   Toilet Paper
    o   Wash Kit
    o   Water Bottles
    o   Water Purifier/Purifications
    o   Wet Wipes

    o   Heavyweight pants
    o   Long underwear (wool thermals are highly recommended)

    o   Down jacket

    o   Thick gloves
    o   Winter warm hat
    o   Fleece
    o   Warm/thick woolen socks usually 2-3 pairs
    o   Plastic boots also for Climbingthe temperatures in altitudes above 6000m is below -10 degree so leather boots are not suitable for peaks and mountain climbing as plastic boots are lighter and more waterproof than leather, furthermore, these plastic boots are designed to fit crampons also.
    o   Gaiters
    o   Climbing Gears

Cost includes

  • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
  • 3 star hotel in Kathmandu (4 nights or 3 nights as per holiday plan), welcome dinner
  • Sightseeing at Kathmandu with city guide (Cultural and Traditional heritage sites)
  • Duffle bag, Sleeping bag, Down jacket (Sleeping Bag and Down jacket must be returned after the trek is completed)
  • Experienced Government license holder Trekking Guide, Porter (We provide 1 porter for two trekkers), climbing guide, assistant guide and other staffs as per the holiday plan.
  • Entrance fee for various conservation areas, Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) fee
  • Flight or Bus fare as per the holiday plan
  • Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places during trekking and in camping as per the holiday plan
  • Farewell dinner
  • Accommodation in star rated hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • All government taxes
Cost excludes
  • Visa Charge to Nepal and International flight fare.
  • Lunch and Dinner while staying at Kathmandu.
  • Travel insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Hot and cold drinks, alcoholic drinks
  • Climbing gear (As per your request we can hire it for you)
  • Additional charges for service added included in holiday plan.