Trekking In Nepal After Earthquake

A strong earthquake of 7.8 rector scale hit Nepal with its epicenter in the village near Barpak of Gorkha district between Kathmandu and the famous tourist destination Pokhara. The earthquake was followed by many aftershocks thereafter for many months.  The earthquake caused extensive damage to buildings and the death toll reached nearly 9000, thousands injured and loss of property.
Due to this effect now the question everyone asking is “Is Nepal Safe to Visit? Trekking in Nepal After Earthquake Possible?

Yes, Nepal is Open for all to Visit!

Though the country is hit by the massive earthquake only 8 districts were mostly affected. Nepal is very diverse in its natural beauty and rich in its heritages so the earthquake has done little effect on the natural beauty and cultural heritages. Except for Langtang National Park, all other National parks were completely unaffected and only 3 UNESCO world heritage sites were damaged out of 8.
Within four months after the quake, all the tourists and trekking infrastructure were up and running. No damage was done to the highways and roads. Hotels and restaurants in the major tourist hub like Thamel, Pokhara, Chitwan, Namche, Lumbini and Chitwan were back to their normal trading.

There was media hype and speculation of Landslides after the earthquake but now the monsoon is about to end and there are no major issues. Landslides are very common to Nepal there are many countless landslides every year but they never get media attention this year it got a slight a negative pick by the media following the earthquake. This year also there are landslides as before in monsoon but no major threat is seen.

Tourism, without a doubt, is the major source of economy in Nepal, many populations either directly or indirectly associated with the tourism sector. Life has turned back to normal and everyone is getting back to normal life. We too are back to our normal trading and booking are opened for all of our packages.

                                            Glimpses of our Social Work To help raise Nepal (Building temporary Houses in areas affected by earthquake )

                                              volunteerism Access The Asia Trek Members   volunteerism Access The Asia Trek Members
                                             volunteerism Access The Asia Trek Members    volunteerism Access The Asia Trek Members

                                                                                             Government of Nepal has appealed all the tourist of all nations to visit Nepal
                                                                                                                     Here’s a letter from Tourism Board of Nepal

                                                               Ministry of Travel and Tourism Nepal Government Press Release